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NKDGlow Advanced IPL Hair Removal Technology

NKDGlow Advanced IPL Hair Removal Technology

NKDGlow Advanced IPL Hair Removal Technology

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The modern way of hair removal at home has arrived!

Have you been paying for expensive laser hair removal treatments? Have you gone through the struggle of constantly shaving, plucking or waxing? Are you tired of always scheduling appointments to get smooth, hair free skin? We’ve been there, and that’s why we’re here for you! So, worry no more! Our handset is the solution to affordable and painless hair removal for long lasting smooth skin you can achieve anytime, anywhere!

How to Use

In 3 easy steps: Turn On, Set Intensity, then Use!

Yes it is that simple!

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The light produced by our IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device reaches the root of the hair via the melanin causing a ‘damaging’ effect directly to the root of the hair. This stimulation will prevent the root to produce new hair after just a few sessions on any body part.

This has been designed to achieve visible results after 3-5 sessions, with each session taking as little as 2 minutes (small areas) and up to 30 minutes (full body) just once per week.

How it Works

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) technology is a more affordable and less painful hair removal method than laser hair removal treatments at the clinic. It emits wavelengths that target the pigment in hair called melanin. The pigment helps the hair absorb the light emitted from the flashes, and weakens the hair follicle preventing hair growth. This leaves you with smooth, hair-free skin.

Steps to Prepare & Use:

  1. Shave only, the area to remove the hair. Do not wax or epilate.
  2. Turn on the NKDGlow device.
  3. Select the intensity for your skin tone. We recommend start with Intensity 1 and work your way up to what is suitable and comfortable for your skin.
  4. Press the ‘flash’ button.
  5. Move to the next spot!

Note: Device will not flash if it is not touching the skin. We have embedded a sensor to only flash when in contact with skin.

To see positive results from the get-go, use it once every week for the first four treatments. After that, you should only need to do minor touch ups every 4-8 weeks.


Manual and Auto Mode

Manual Mode: For smaller areas, click the “flash” button, one at a time.

Auto Mode: For larger areas, Hold down the flash button and glide over skin, the device will flash automatically as long as it is touching the skin.


Hair Color Chart

The IPL light is absorbed by melanin which is present in light brown to black hair color. There is little to no melanin in grey, blond or red hair, which is why it would not be effective on those hair colors.



Skin Color Chart

This device can be used on all skin tones except deep skin tones due to the nature of the light targeting the melanin. Melanin is present in the skin as well and the light is absorbed by the melanin. This may cause irritation on the skin instead of targeting the hair.

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